Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A card with love

Hi everyone!
Myry again and today I gonna show you how to make this lovely card.
This month is my wedding anniversary and I was thinking to make a gesture towards my husband.
This beautiful heart caught my eyes indeed!
So for our base we need one white cardstock piece of 15'5x31cm (7⁄64" x 12 13⁄64") and two scrap papers of 15x15cm (6"x6"). Glue them after choosing how the card will open. Optionally you can glue another two scrap papers inside the card.
If you don't like the dark color of the chipboard you can lighten it with a lighter tone, like this cream.

Glue the chipboard to a piece of scrap paper that harmonizes with the ones chosen for the base... 
...and cut the edge. At first I wanted to use both parts but in the end I only used the main one.
So to give volume we are going to mke another base with one white cardstock pieces of 13'5x13'5cm (5 5/16"x5 5/16"), one scrap papers of 13x13cm (1/8"x5 1/8") and 3D foam tape.

Carefully pass the folder over the entire base so that it sticks well.
Choose all the elements that you'll need to decorate the card.
Before gluing the chipboard and other elements use a piece of cardboard to give more volume and stability to the heart.
Now put all the elements in their place and give the last touches with white paint.
Easy peasy! 
And what happened to the other part of the heart?? See here!
I hope I've given you some idea. Bye!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Scrapbooking paper
White cardstock (250gr) and a piece of cardboard
Glue, 3D foam tape, scissors and scoring/folder tool
Flowers, leaves and butterflies
White acrylic paint and dots