Tuesday, August 25, 2020

treasure troves

Hi everyone, Ann here today, sharing this set of treasure boxes. I love having places to keep special things. The Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts ATC sized faux book box and hidden drawer book box are the perfect size to tuck your favorite things into. I thought combining these boxes with the arched framed openings would be a special way to highlight some favorite stamp designs.

I always like to do a test fit of my pieces without any finishes or glue, this allows me to plan ahead and better understand how the finished piece will look and which sides will be exposed. I wipe down all the edges with a paper towel to remove any of the residue left from the laser cutting process and then layout and put together each box. Today's post will describe the process used to create the hidden drawer box. I created a detailed blog post on the ATC sized faux book box for GSLC in the past, called Wish Keeper. You can find that post here.

Once I have determined how I want the finished pieces to look, I begin selecting papers and, if necessary, creating papers with inks to match the look I am going for. I know I will be using Lynne Perella Stamps as a focal point within the arched framed openings. I plan on using bold bright colors for the images to create the look of stained glass. I create some background papers for the general box coverings from green and gold inks. 

While I allow the inked papers to dry, I add gold to all of the edges of the pieces, this will give the book box a finished look when it is assembled. I find it easiest to add color to the edges before covering the sides with decorative papers. I paint the arched window frames with gold paint at the same time and set aside to dry.
Since the inside of the box will only be seen when the hidden drawer is removed, I coat all the inside surfaces with the gold paint. This smooth finish will allow the drawer to slide in and out smoothly. 
I paint the outer sides of the drawer piece with the gold paint as well.
Since the outsides of the box will be completely covered, I trace the top panel onto my inked paper and cut it to size, then attach it to the chipboard with collage medium. Setting some weights on to while to dries to ensure it remains flat. When the finished top and bottom panels are dry, I assemble the box with glue along the tabs and connecting edges then set aside to dry.
Next I assemble the hidden drawer portion of the box. The inside of the drawer is finished with decorative paper that complements the focal image. This same paper is used along the outside edges of the outer box but has yet to be attached. 
I measure the interior of the drawer and cut the rectangular base piece. Using a permanent glue stick, I attach the paper in place. I then cut strips the height of the drawer sides and secure them into place with glue stick as well. The stamped and colored image in the arched frame is attached to the center of the front panel with collage medium. 
Before inserting the drawer (and attaching the spine piece) I cut strips of the decorative paper to a height that matched the gap between the front and back covers. I measure the length of the strips by holding them into place and using a pencil to mark the distance. These pieces are inked along the exposed edges and then secured using a glue stick.
The final step in assembling the hidden drawer book box is attaching the spine to the hidden drawer. The easiest way to ensure proper alignment is to partially insert the drawer in the book. With the drawer partially open, align the spine so that the bottom edge is rising on the surface that the bottom of the book is resting on. Using collage medium, coat the area that connects the spine and drawer and then clap together until the collage medium is dry. this makes the spine and the drawer a unit. When the spine is pulled away from the "book" the drawer will open. 
For the ATC sized faux book box, I used the small arched window frame to surround my stamped image.
I hope that you have enjoyed today's post. Maybe you are inspired to create your own treasure box or boxes. The Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard sets are easily altered to any style you desire!
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by today,
I truly appreciate it.
Be creative every day.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts used:

arched window frames large 

arched window frames small

ATC sized faux book box

hidden drawer book box

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  1. This is beyond stunning I never have enough words to use how amazing your artwork is! Your stamping techniques are museum ready. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!!!