Saturday, August 1, 2020

Adventurers Beware

Do not begin unless you intend to finish... Happy Saturday everyone! I'm here to tell ya you can make pretty much anything you want if you have a little patience and some basic craft supplies. I used a GSL Suitcase 2.4 Inch for this tiny Jumanji board. Let me take you through how it was done. 
The suitcase comes with top and bottom sections, very easily assembled using tacky glue.
I used an X-acto knife to carefully cut the top of the suitcase in half.
A coffee stir stick was sized to fit the cut edges and then glued in place.
To replicate the game piece storage section of the board I cut two pieces of square craft wood to fit and glued them in place. 
The center crystal ball where the game's riddles are displayed was made from a bubble cut from a pill blister pack. I painted the inside of the bubble with pearlescent emerald paint. 
The game box was painted with brown acrylic paint and I added printed images of the game's interior. Look how cute the riddle bubble came out.
Here's the game's exterior. 
I sculpted the game pieces from polymer clay - elephant, monkey, rhinoceros and crocodile.
The game needs something to sit on.  I decided to make a square coffee table from two GSL 4 Inch TradingCoasters glued together. A wood grained paper from Ms. Sparkle & Co. covers the top, bottom and edge of the table top.
The feet are fashioned from dowel cap wood turnings that I painted gray.
Only thing left to do is glue on the table feet. 
In the jungle, you must wait 'til the dice read five or eight. Thanks for stopping by!
GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Lumiere pearlescent emerald paint
Ms. Sparkle & Co. woodgrain neutral paper
Printed images
Polymer clay
Coffee stir sticks
Square craft wood
Wood dowel caps
Miniature dice


  1. This is stunning and amazing. You have the patience of a saint I have no patience at alll.

  2. Thanks much Jon David! I do love a project that makes me giggle the entire time I am making it.