Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Never Been a Beach Person-A Peek-a-Boo Project

I grew up in the country and my family rarely went on vacations. We would sometimes visit my Aunt Irene and Uncle Bob who lived in New Jersey. Their property must have been near the ocean as I remember they had sand instead of soil in their yard. They also had a bathroom that had “Naughty Mermaids” wallpaper in it, with their breasts a showing. I was also raised a strict Baptist so that bathroom always made me feel a bit uncomfortable.
I don’t remember seeing the ocean until I was in college and spent time on the beach then. I now live in Maryland and the ocean seems a lot closer, but it does not entice me. I am a mountain person but do  love the beaches of the New England Coastline and the Pacific Northwest, they seem more haunting and less crowded. This is perfectly suited for an introvert like me.
My partner and I enjoy going to antique stores looking for treasures that can be added to my mixed media art pieces. These Wooden Coaster have been waiting for an upgrade and are the inspiration for this instillation.
2.        Use a Pencil to trace GSLC Trading Coins into Scraps of Sea Themed Papers like Authentic Sea Maiden Collection. Then Cut with scissors.
3.       Use Weldbond to glue paper to GSLC Trading Coins.
4.       If they are not a perfect fit a quick rub with a damp cloth and a sandpaper block is an easy fix.
5.       Sometime when using the sandpaper block the paper peels, this also can be used to your advantage and should cause no aggravation.
6.       Coat quickly with Glassy Accents.
7.       While still wet randomly sprinkle with transparent glitter.
8.       Use White Gesso to lightly paint the GSLC Under the Sea Coin Covers.
9.       Randomly Color GSLC Under the Sea Coin Covers with Colored pencils.
10. Add depth and detailing using random acrylic paints.
11. Glue the GSLC Under the Sea Coin Covers to the prepared GSLC Artist Trading Coins using Weldbond.

12. Hold securely into place with metal clamps.
13. While they are drying use dry brush technique to add patina to the Wooden Coasters, I used Green Gold and a Medium Grey Acrylic Paints.
14. Glue prepared GSLC Trading Coins into Antiqued Wooden Coasters, securing into place using the metal clamps.
15. Once completely dry I added Soft Touch Varnish and One Step Crackle Finish to the coins to make them look like sea glass you might find along the beach.
16. Once they are fully dry, I added a wash of diluted blue alcohol ink to highlight the crackle.
17. I sealed everything with a quick coat of hairspray.

 Some Final Thoughts.
I have found solitude and solice on both the beach and in the woods. For me it tends to do with the amount of people at these locations. I would never intentionally go on vacation to the beach in summertime nor would I go to any of the National Parks at this time either. My soul is restored by time spent in nature and find inspiration whenever I partake in its offerings. No matter your preference I hope you find peace and joy wherever you find yourself as summer wanes into Autumn.
Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Artist Trading CoinsGypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Trading Coin Covers Under The Sea, Found Sea Themed Wooden Coasters, Scraps of Sea Themed Papers like Authentic Sea Maiden Collection, Scissors, Pencil, Weldbond, Damp Cloth, Sandpaper Block, Glossy Accents, Paintbrush, Transparent Glitter, White Gesso, Colored Pencils, Random Acrylic Paints, Metal Clips, Rubbing Alcohol, Light Blue Alcohol Ink, Eyedropper, Hairspray
I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!

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