Thursday, August 13, 2020

Just Breathe

Hi there

It's Elle here again from Empire of the Cat.  Today I have a home decor project to share which is quick and easy to make and can also be adapted by changing a few elements eg the background fabric, the chipboard.

 I am using these chipboards from GSL

I covered all the pieces with white gesso to start with as I wasn't sure how I was going to decorate them, but if in doubt, starting with gesso is always a good idea.

I am also using this shadow box frame from a large Swedish furniture store :)

And I am also using a piece of Harris Tweed which I have cut down into a square with the same dimensions as my frame.

My idea for this project is to add the Just Breathe girl as the focal point with the Harris Tweed background, and then use the ivy corners on the outside of the frame, as shown below.

I used white embossing powder on all the chipboard pieces.  Other options would be to paint them white or indeed, another colour of your choice, but I wanted the shiny white of the embossing powder.

Here's how she will look against the Harris Tweed background, complete with label of authenticity!  Fun fact:  Harris Tweed labels can only be put on real Harris Tweed; it is not allowed to add them to other fabrics or indeed any other items, for example, I could not put this label on the frame.  AMA about Harris Tweed, I'm a bit of an expert :)

I have not glued the girl to the Harris Tweed background as that seemed sacrilegious to deface my lovely HT in that way, but the good news is that the glass holds her in place just fine.

Final step was to glue the ivy corners to the outside of the shadow box frame and put the kettle on!

I added a very small Harris Tweed label at the bottom of the girl just to let everyone know it was the real deal, people seem to like that.  :)

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, let me know in the comments!

Empire of the Cat

GSL products used:
Ivy Corners - D50C
Just Breathe *coming soon*

Shadow box frame
Harris Tweed
Wow Embossing Ink and White Embossing Powder
White gesso
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

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  1. Fun project and definitely Words to live by also very informative about Harris Tweed