Sunday, December 29, 2019

Tiny Little Shadowbox Houses

Recently I've been playing with new materials and techniques. I made a slew of little colourful houses and moons with Apoxie Sculpt not too long ago and wondered what to do with my townful of little abodes. 

I enshrined them in Tiny Little Shadowbox Houses and they are cute as buttons!

The exterior of the boxes were covered in dreamy blue-hued scrapbook papers. The inside lined with old music sheets and painted in a black to cyan ombre.

A sprinkling of glitter to create a magical stary night and a wee clay moon popped into place above a group of tiny colourful cottages.

A little bit of gold embossing powder adds nice little finishing touch to the edges.

The Tiny Little Shadowbox Houses come in a four different sizes, each one just the right size to hold in your hand.

While these little shrines aren't perfect, I love that they show off something new. Here's hoping the new year will bring even more new little creative adventures to show off.

Tiny Little Shadowbox Houses
Scrapbook paper
Old papers
Acrylic paint
Gold embossing powder
Apoxie Sculpt (houses, mushrooms and moons)

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