Saturday, June 8, 2019

Down by the Steampunk Sea by Betsy Skagen

Making this piece was so liberating. After experiencing a horrible, no good, really bad day all I wanted to do was crawl under the bed covers. However, I knew that wasn't a choice since I had too many upcoming project that I needed to complete.

Instead of retreating from the world, I pulled out some  sea-themed chipboard pieces since waterways always soothe my soul. To keep my project simple, I limited my palette to only two colors beyond black and white.

I found this decision liberating because my project came together lickety-split--which for me, the world's slowest artist, is nothing short of miraculous.

Down by the Steampunk Sea Tutorial

Begin by cutting the Steampunk SeahorseUndersea Steampunk Set and Beach Shape Set pieces from their protective frames and covering them with gesso.

Color the chipboard pieces with a coral and teal ink and then ink the edges with black ink.

Next use matte medium to adhere scrapbook paper to a wooden board. If you don't have a wooden board, a piece of mat board of foam core will work.
Give the paper a light whitewash of gesso mixed with water and then dab dry with a textured paper towel. 
Ink the edges with embossing ink and lightly sprinkle aqua and black molten dimensions embossing powder around the edges. Heat with heat gun. Check out the amazing texture this makes. 

Use embossing ink to stamp wavy lines in random spots on the board and cover with White Molten Dimensions. Heat with heat gun.  

Adhere the chipboard shapes to the board. I just love how Gypsy Soul gave sea elements a steampunk twist.
If you wish, create a title piece and line it with black cardstock before adhering to your board. Finish your steampunk sea board by adding a black and white decorative backing. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Happy creating! -Betsy

Great Stuff

White gesso
Coral Distress Oxide Ink
Black Distress Ink
Eileen Hull Bay De Laurier Color Box Blends
Scrapbook paper
Black cardstock
Wooden board
Matte medium
Embossing ink
Eileen Hull Aqua Splash Molten Dimension
Eileen Hull Black Magic Molten Dimension
Eileen Hull White Wonder Molten Dimension
Wavy lines stamp
Beacon Zip Dry Adhesive

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  1. What a great project I love your take on treasure steampunk patina. It seems new and innovative. I appreciate your attention to detail and composition!! Wonderful job!!