Saturday, February 9, 2019

Love Potion No. 9 by Betsy Skagen


 Sometimes people need a little help in the romance department--that's why I invented Love Potion No. 9.

Each jar contains a potion of cherubic magic. Just open the mason jar, dab a little love potion behind your ears and let the romance begin!

Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Love Potion No. 9

Begin by painting gesso on Gypsy Soul's wonderful canning jar chipboard and on an old wood frame.
Apply embossing ink and distressed silver embossing powder to the canning jar lid. Activate with heat gun.
Create a "wash" by mixing teal paint with water and paint onto a deli sheet and onto the base of the mason jar.

Apply embossing ink over the teal part of the jar and sprinkle with clear embossing powder. Activate with heat gun. Repeat several times until you have a thick glass-like consistency.

Reheat the silver part of your jar and drag the end of a paperclip through it to create lines. After it cools, you can accentuate the lines with a black pen.
Use a metallic silver paint pen to change a Faux Metal Number Plates from gold to silver.  
Cover the label part of the jar with black ink.
Create a label with your computer, print and cut out. Attach the computer label to the black label. Insert two brads into the number plate and adhere to the black label. 
Coat the deli paper with gloss medium. Place the jar on the deli paper. Add a cherub image and heart to the inside and cover with another coat of gloss medium.
Cut away the excess deli paper. Glue onto black cardstock and cut the black cardstock around the jar. 

Cut a piece of sheet music to fit the frame. Dry brush black and teal paint around the edges. Draw hearts with a light blue market. Scribble loose hearts with a silver marker inside the blue hearts. Use rub-ons to place a 9 inside each heart. 

Add black medallions to the corners.
Adhere the jar to the sheet music.
Use a silver paint pen to paint your frame silver. After it dries, dry brush black paint over the frame. Glue the frame to the sheet music.
I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Go out and make your own love potion--or any other concoction! Have a fantastic February -Betsy

Great Stuff

Wooden frame
Sheet music
Deli Paper
Black cardstock
Cherub image
Distressed Silver embossing powder
Rocky Road Bake Textures
Metallic silver paint pen
Metallic silver ink pen
Acrylic paint
Number rub-ons
Heart Sequins
Architextures black medallions