Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Hello gypsy soulmates!  I've been playing with the fairies and captured a few on this cool 3D "film" from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  Let me show you!

The Filmstrip Shadow Box is 14" x 4" x 2".  For scale, you can see a wee bit of my keyboard in the top of the photo.  See the excess chipboard bits in the top right corner?  Save those!  They're great to use for added dimension.

This has three interior panels but I'm only going to use the center one.  I measured strips of paper for the inside walls and both sides of the center panel, and attached with Mod Podge.

Here's the ceiling panel, cut in two pieces to allow the center interior panel to fit the notches.  White glue to stick it all together.

The Leafy Tree - Small comes with two trees - this is the smaller one.  I painted it and all 6 of the Garden Fairies - Small with white gesso.

I wrapped the outside with fun stripey paper.  I only have it in 8x8 format, so I used 2 sheets that line up perfectly; Mod Podge to adhere.

I used Lumiere metallic acrylic paints for the fairy silhouettes - Pearl White for the bodies and assorted colors for the wings.  I used a light green metallic paint on the tree and small excess chipboard bits on the back to raise it off the finished surface.

My first thought was to paint the filmstrip front with a very light salmon color, but ended up with an amethyst-brown mashup.

I cut the tree in half with a guillotine cutter and used white glue to adhere to the back of the box.

Thanks for your visit today!


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used

Filmstrip Shadow Box #HD111513001
Garden Fairies Small #RB1
Leafy Tree Small #D14E

Other Supplies Used
White glue
White gesso
Graphic 45 Fairie Dust
Lumiere metallic paints
Golden acrylic paint in purple and brown
Paper flowers
Sheet moss
Crochet lace