Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Snowy Ornament with Susan

Hello crafty friends!  Today I have a sparkly snowy ornament to share with you here on the GSL Cuts blog using a Reliquary Arch Top and a few pieces from the Winter Shape Set!

I used the Reliquary - Arch Top as the base, painted white.

Using fabric glue I attached a bit of ribbon for a hanger.  I used the same glue around the top laser cut layer and attached.

I used clips to keep an even pressure all around while the glue set up.

I painted the snowman and snowflakes with the same white paint.  The built-in hat and layering hat (not shown) were painted black.  Here I glued Flower Soft snow to the snowman.

I filled the inside of the reliquary with glue and then Diamond Dust.  Using a paper towel between my fingers and the glass glitter, I pressed down to adhere as much together as possible.

Filed under I Make The Mistakes So You Don't Have To:  This glue is actually too thick and started to set up too fast.  Once dry, the glue lines were still visible.  I suggest using a thinner white glue, or thinning yours with a bit of water.

I painted the snow flakes with the pearl white Lumiere.  The layering hat was covered in black glass glitter and glued to the snowman's built-in hat (as seen in the photo above).

I covered the scarf in red Stickles glitter and let dry overnight, then added to the snowman.

Thanks for visiting today.


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Reliquary Arch Top #D8A
Winter Shape Set #D38C

Other Supplies Used
White acrylic paint
Lumiere paint - Pearl Turquoise
Lumiere paint - Pearl White
Twinklets Diamond Dust
Flower Soft - Polar White
Meyer Imports Glass Glitter - Black
Stickles - Christmas Red
White Glue

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