Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christmas Stars . . .

Create your own Christmas Star Book with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts new pre-cut, pre-scored mini.

Here's what your star book kit includes:

The star books are available in either black or kraft. I purchase one of each and mix the pages for more contrast.

Step 1: Wallpaper the outside of each cover. (Do not paper the inside of the covers.)

For this project I'm using beautiful Graphic 45's Winter Wonderland. And because I hate wasting any part of the 12x12 paper pad, the star book covers are papered with the front cover of the 12x12 paper pad.

Step 2: Cover one side only of the largest pages. For contrast, I used 6 different patterns of G45 paper cut 5-3/4" inches square. Using even margins on the top, bottom and middle, add the decorative paper to the cardstock pages. This will leave a larger margin on the side edges. That's OK as that's where we'll adhere the remaining pages.

Step 3: Cover one side only of the medium size pages. For contrast, I used 6 different patterns of G45 papers cut 5-5/8" tall X 5-1/4" wide. Paper the medium pages the same way it was done in Step 2.

Step 4: Cover one side only of the smallest size pages. For these pages, I went back to the first set of Graphic 45 papers I used and cut 12 pieces that were 5-5/8" tall X 4-3/4" wide. Paper the smallest pages centering the Graphic 45 paper from side to side.

Step 5: Adhere the pages one to another. Begin with the largest page. Apply score tape to the far left edge.

Adhere the mid-size page to the left edge of the large page. Then apply score tape to the far left edge of the medium page.

Add the smallest page to the left side of the medium page. Your pages will look something like this:

They are evenly stacked and glued on the left and staggered on the right.

To the far right edge, add score tape to the longest and medium edges. Adhere the medium edge to the longest edge. Then the shortest edge to the medium edge.

This is what you will end up with:

Continue to do this for the remaining 5 sets.
When complete, you will have 6 *booklets*.

Step 6: Adhering the booklets one to another. Begin by laying out the booklets the way they'll be put together.  Lay one booklet in front of you with the page openings to the left. Lay the rest of the booklets to the right of that with the openings to the right.

Add score tape to the booklet on the left, placing the tape along the left edge only. Take a booklet from the right pile and turn it over to match openings and adhering the 2nd booklet to the 1st booklet. Make sure to evenly line up all edges.

You now have 2 booklets taped together on the left and 4 untaped booklets on the right.

Add score tape to the far left edge.  Turn a right booklet over and, matching edges, adhere the open end of the right booklet to the open end of the left booklet.

Continue this until all booklets are taped together. You will end up with this:

Step 7: The Closure and the Covers. I am adding a ribbon closure to this star book. To make it easier to maneuver, I add score tape to the outside of the

and then wrap my ribbon around, leaving enough ribbon to either tie loosely or tie a bow.

Next, using wet glue, attach the front and back covers to the front & back of the booklet. Check to make sure you're pages are right side up!

Your star book is complete:

If you'd like you can decorate it, adding the included corner pockets to the pages and/or adding ephemera, cards, photos and belly bands.

I'm off to decorate mine. Hop over to my blog to see the finished pages and more Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts including the frames I used on this project: Flourished Frame Karen and Flourished Frame Marigold.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
See you next month on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog.


  1. Nancy, this is such a wonderful project! I have not seen a “star” book before and love the look of it displayed. You’ve chosen beautiful papers to make this special piece come to life! Lovely work!