Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Flea Market Finds with GSL & Canvas Corp!

Hi crafty friends!  Throughout September Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and Canvas Corp/7 Gypsies are doing a product matchup.  Fun!

For my project, I took a stroll down memory lane to a fantastic birthday weekend and flea market bonanza I spent with my GSL teamie *and* big sister Lora Mahaffey.  We're daaaangerous together.  ::nod nod::

To start, I wasn't sure what to do with the pack I received.  The big blue car was calling to me, though, and reminded me of the blue truck my sister and I loved at the flea market.  Off I went!

I was inspired by the brick wall in the 7 Gypsies Architextures Warehouse pack, but I wanted to make  a big wall on canvas board.   I used the GSL Brick Wall 2 stencil that I previously sprayed with Krylon matte finish.

Next I used Golden Light Molding Paste and a spatula to create the wall.  This molding paste is super light when dry and didn't add much of any weight to the original canvas.

To prevent stencil slippage, put a few small pieces of drafting tape (or masking tape that has been dabbed with corn starch to make it less sticky) around the back.

Apply the molding paste with a spatula or other straight edge.  Keep an eye on crevices -- you might need to go back and forth over an area for full coverage.

When fully covered, pull the stencil off and gently run your finger along the edges to clean them up a bit.  Allow to dry completely.

Stencil cleanup:  Since this is chipboard, I allowed the little bits of leftover molding paste to dry, and then flicked them off with a paintbrush.  With proper care of the stencil, I'm sure I'll be able to use it multiple times.

Here is the dried wall, ready for a coating of gesso or other paint.  I used Golden Titanium white as my base layer.

There's a lot of paint layers on this finished brick wall.  With respect to Michael deMeng, I can't give a tutorial, but if you're interested please look him up.

Now that my base is created, I started on the elements.  This is CanvasCorp's canvas and the 7 Gypsies Architextures Parchment Rub-Ons.  I received the "Build" set and cut this section off to use as transfer paper onto the canvas.  I painted the canvas with Ranger Glue 'n Seal, then carefully laid out the parchment.  I used a brayer (wow, that tool needs to be cleaned!) to flatten the parchment down.  I carefully pulled it and set the canvas aside to dry. 

I used an architectural element from GSL in the form of a Tudor Rose Singles medallion.  This comes as a package of three in graduated sizes.

I used a mixture of three different embossing powder colors - black with two browns.  I mixed them in an extra container and saved the rest for future use.

Close up, you can see random texture from the larger Distress powder embedded in the finer powder; almost like rust!

From the Canvas Corp/7 Gypsies Architextures "Junk'n" paper, I cut out the blue truck, the sign pole, and two warehouse windows.  You might be able to see that I whitewashed the sign pole and layered some of the sale signs.  The whitewashing caused the paper to curl so I used chipboard scraps across the back to give it more structure.  To finish, I added Stickles Picket Fence glitter glue.

Next to and on top of the car are Architextures thick "Crates" and "Weathered Metal Rooster" stickers.  Since I wanted the rooster to stand off the wall, I dabbed the sticky back with corn starch until it wasn't sticky, then used foam glue dots to adhere.

Since I was working with a Small World theme as well as flea market, you can see a small hoard of "smalls", or precious wee things I found on our birthday and flea market weekend.

Thanks for your visit today!  All month both our GSL team and Canvas Corp will be participating in this product matchup.  Come back to see more fun, inspiring projects!


GSL Products Used

Brick Wall 2 #D42D
Tudor Rose Singles #D6Q

Canvas Corp. Products Used
7 Gypsies Architextures Paper - Junk'n
7 Gypsies Architextures - Weathered Metal Rooster
7 Gypsies Architextures - Crates
7 Gypsies Architextures Parchment Rub On - Build

Other supplies used
8x10 canvas
Golden Light Molding Paste
Golden Titanium White acrylic paint
Various embossing powders
Distress Embossing Ink



  1. Love that rooster in the front.
    A great way to show off little
    odds and ends. The brick
    wall is sturdy and the added
    window is a good idea.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. That's what that car reminded me of! Love it!

  3. Oh - I love this!! That texture and all the fabulous details!

  4. WOW now that is a FANTASTIC Birthday weekend Susan!!! Just love your canvas, so much to look at....and I LOVE IT!