Friday, June 30, 2017

Quick and easy card

Hi everyone, Heather here today with a little birthday card that I am sure you will find very easy to make. I made this for my daughter in law in New Zealand and I know that she will like it because it is a simple, uncomplicated card. So I am hoping that you will want to have a go yourself.

First of all I chose which pieces I wanted to use and just because it says "corners" on the description on the site that doesn't mean that they have to be used as corners.Here are the Leafy corners and the victorian corners.

I have treated them with white gesso on both sides, I gesso the pieces on both sides when they are as small as these because it covers the piece better and you tend not to get any brown showing through. After the gesso had dried I went over everything with Creative expressions gilding polish, I used blossom as it was the nearest to the blush foundation card also by creative expressions that I used to make the frame around the card.

I cut the ends off the leafy corners so that I could place them on the card without actually making a definite frame. As you can see from the first picture I just made a pattern for the base, then cut two frames from white and blush creative expressions foundation card, the blush one underneath and white one on top leaving a small border on both inside and outside. Of course I could have used one of the fantastic frames already cut on the GSLCuts site. It is entirely up to you which way you do this.I always tend to think of something else that I could have done when I have finished something, but maybe I will do that next time.

I cut all three components from Sue Wilson pierced flags die with White on the bottom, blush in the middle and white on the top, also I stamped the top flag with my sentiment. Before I glued these together I glued one of the victorian corners to the largest flag, I thenglued the smallest flag to the middle one and glued another victorian corner to the top.
Before sticking all this together I made two bows, one in 1/2 inch ribbon and one in very narrow ribbon. I glued the bows to the bottom victorian corner, then glued the other corner combination on top  of the ribbons. I used a glue gun for this because I find that it sticks much stronger and stays in place.
That is my card done, I did say that it was very easy to do so I hope you will have a go yourselves but
don' t forget to look on the GSLCuts site for other inspirations to put on your card

Items Used
GSLCuts items.

Other items
Creative expressions foundation card
Creative expressions gilding polish
White gesso  
Sue Wilson pierced flag die
pink satin ribbon 

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