Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Creepy Tin By Susan Killam

Hello GSL fans!  Today I dip into the dark side and I'm dragging you with me.  That's OK, right?  Let's go!

For the project I used the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts' Altoids Fairy Tale Inserts.  There are 3 in the package.  I set the other two aside for my next tins.  Yay!

The first step for me is to rough up the metal to give the paint and adhesive something to grab.  Next I  gesso'd the edges since there is always a chance bits will show after the paper is applied.

 I knew the "creepy" would take a long time to dry, so that was cut out and glued to the laser cut.  I then filled the space with Glossy Accents and set it aside.

I decided which papers I wanted, cut them out, and inked the edges.  Mod Podge does great to adhere paper to the tin, although this jar is getting thick.  Can water be added to thin it out?  I'll try!

Ugh.  I put the inside sheet in upside down.  Keen powers of observation, Susan!  Since it's text, I couldn't fake it.  Luckily I had more paper and cut out a new one.  I think Mr. Skelly is laughing at me!

Once that was fixed I added the cheese cloth and random wood shaving curlicues with white glue.  I wanted to raise the bat up so I made a platform with bits of the extra laser cut chipboard.  Fiddly work but worth it.  Not pictured is the front bat painted with micaceous oxide -- this is actually going to be the bat's shadow layer.

I painted the Fairy Tale Insert with black gesso, then tried out the Ranger Collage Medium/Crazing for the first time.  I'll admit I wasn't crazy about it due to brush strokes and lack of actual crazing... then I tried to sand the brush strokes off with very fine sand paper.  Voilà!  Brush strokes gone and crazing visible.

 I used a little bit of watered-down black acrylic paint to cover the sanding marks.

Once that dried I put a fine line of glue around the inside of the insert and clamped it to the tin.

As that dried I gesso'd the base and top.  I used the large round disc to give the project more stability. On top of the gesso is black acrylic with a very subtle sheen and a few random swipes of quinacridone gold (orange-gold) and interference gold (bright gold) paints.

Glue those last pieces on and this is the finished project:

Thanks for your visit today!


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
Altoids Fairy Tale Inserts #YB23A

Other Supplies
Altoids tin
Wood candlestick
Wood base
Wood dowel rod end
My Mind's Eye halloween paper
Wood bats
Swarovski SS5 tanzanite crystals
Cheese cloth 
Random wood shaving curlicues (it's been around so long I can't remember the source)
Dollar store skeleton painted with white and off-white
Black lace scrap (spider web)
Black Stickles (spider)
Black twine
Black gesso
Black acrylic paint
Quinacridone gold paint
Golden Interference Gold paint (love this!) 
Ranger Collage Medium/Crazing
Golden Micaeous Oxide (on front bat)
Mod Podge (to affix paper to tin)
Glossy Accents as glue and dimensional effect
White glue
Brown ink for edges

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