Thursday, June 29, 2017

Camera of Memories

Hi everyone, its Angela here and today I am sharing with you my camera frame with some pictures of the newest addition to our family.

I took the Mini display tray shaped like a camera, as you can see it comes in three layers.
I measured the apertures and messed around with the sizes of some photos in Photoshop and printed out ones that would fit (a bit of trial and error here because of the shapes)

I then took the top layer of the camera and placed it on my pictures to draw around the outside of the relevant section (note the arrows), this is important as you need the extra in order to glue the picture to the frame and not have any unwanted gaps.

I then painted the top layer with Deco Art Paynes Grey fluid acrylic paint, added some blobs of texture paste and a coat of Quinacridone Gold and another coat of Paynes Grey. Whilst the last coat was still wet I sprinkled on some salt.
The salt soaks up the wet paint in places and gives the whole thing a mottled look. Once dry the salt is brushed off.

I then used some DecoArt white Antiquing cream and rubbed it back to reveal the colour underneath resulting in this:
The whole thing was given a coat of Mod Podge to seal it.

I put 2 holes in the back layer (1" down and 1 3/4" in) threaded some bakers twine through and put some tape over it to keep it in place.
I also took one of the words from the Words and Phrases 1 and painted it with Paynes Gray, with salt then Quinacridone Gold.

I cut out my pictures and applied a thin line of glue to the edge and adhered them to the back of the painted front frame
Ladies and gentlemen I give to you (insert drumroll here) Tyson with Grant, Phillip and Millie (his Mum)
Supplies list:
Words and Phrases 1
Mini Display Tray (camera)
DecoArt Paints
DecoArt Antiquing cream

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