Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mixed Media Christmas Countdown Tree by Barbara Rankin

Hey everyone!  So, how's your Christmas crafting coming along?  You may have noticed that the design team has fallen in love with these Christmas Countdown Trees from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, so I am going to share yet another variation to help inspire you.

Tree Front
Tree Back with box to hold number tags

On the back side of script paper, trace the tree.

On a second piece of script paper, reverse the tree, not the paper, so you can continue to trace on the back side of the paper.  The tree is not symetrical, so this is important.

Cut out both pieces of paper and adhere to both sides of the tree, matching up the edges.  You may notice that I have not covered up the notches at the bottom so they will fit inside the notch holes in the stand.  Use a sanding block to remove any excess paper, and an emery board to get into the smaller areas.

For the stand, cut two pieces of script paper 4" x 11-1/2".  Adhere top piece first, and cut out notches, as shown.

Adhere second piece to the bottom, which will cover the notches and notch holes for a finished look.

Cover both sides of the small rectangular notched piece, leaving the notches uncovered.  Cover these two small rectangular pieces that fit along the sides of the notched piece.

Seal paper with matte medium on both sides of tree, the small rectangular notched piece and sides, and the stand.

Spread modeling paste through stencil on both sides of tree, small rectangular notched piece, and the top of the stand.


I used Tattered Angels sprays to cover all the chipboard pieces that have been covered with paper.  I used a heat gun to dry the paper between colors.  Continue adding colors until you like the result.

Edge all pieces with a gold gilding paste and highlight stenciled areas on the tree.

Edge the stand and small rectangular notched piece and sides, as shown.

Stand and box parts

Assemble the tree into the stand and add the "box" piece using the small rectangular notched piece with the two sides to the reverse side of the tree.  

Front of tree

Back of tree with "box"
Glue a piece of gold tinsel around tree and clamp until glue dries.

Paint the numbers and words with white gesso.

Spray numbers and words with one of the Tattered Angels colors.  I used the purplish color.  Let dry.

The quickest way to cover all of the little number tags is to run a piece of print paper through a Xyron.

Remove the backing paper and lay each tag on top of the sticky side.  Cut apart with a craft knife, and  punch your holes before covering the other side.

Repeat this step for the back of the tags, and punch the holes again.

Back side of tags
Add gold gilding paste to letters and words, and around the tag edges.  Adhere the numbers to the center of each tag front.  (See Figure 1 below)

Mix some of the green mist with white paint and sponge the color onto a sheet of snowflake shapes.  Repeat this for the other side in case some of the snowflakes extend past the tree and will be seen.

Let that dry, then spray both sides with a pearl mist.  When that is dry, separate the snowflakes from the sheet.

Begin adding the embellishments.  First, determine where you plan to place the words and number tags.  To make the words show up better, I used Silver gilding paste on them, and adhered "Days Until" to the tree, as shown.  Use the tags to mark placement for hooks.   I used a paper piercer to make tiny holes, but did not go all the way through the chipboard.

Figure 1

I cut two tiny screw eyes apart, as shown, to make a hook for hanging the tags.

I gently screwed the hooks into the chipboard, and kept my finger behind the screw to feel if it was going to go through.  It did not, so these were just the right size.

Hooks for hanging tags

Embellish with snowflakes, flowers, leaves, berries, and lastly, adhere the word "Christmas" to the front edge of the stand, and place your remaining number tags in the box for storing.


Supplies used:

GSL Christmas Countdown Tree Kit  (Coming Soon - Contact Store)
GSL Snowflake Shape Set
Acrylic paints
Tattered Angels Mists
Gold and Silver gilding paste
Floral embellishments
Gold tinsel ribbon
Molding Paste
Matte Medium
Assorted brushes
Sponge dabber

Have a super crafty day, and thanks for stopping by.