Thursday, June 2, 2016

Step by Step Tutorial: Vertical Paint Brush Mini Album with Xyron and Graphic 45

Hello everyone!  Barbara here with a really fun album using the Paint Brush Vertical Mini Album for today's project, as well as Graphic 45 Couture papers, and putting it all together with my Xyron Creative Station!  It couldn't be simpler than that.  Think of the possibilities!

                         Front                                         Back


To begin, I had to figure a way to "hinge" all of the pages together, so I used my go-to product, Tyvek, for it's strength and thinness.

I cut four pieces of Tyvek 1" x 3-1/4" and adhered each hinge to it's page, starting at the back.  In the photo below, I placed the hinge piece between the longest piece of smooth chipboard and the back side of the corrugated card board.

When I flipped the smooth chipboard page over (to the left), I then adhered another Tyvek hinge between the next two pages to connect them.

When I flipped the next shorter corrugated card board piece over (to the left), I placed the pages on top of the paint brush base, aligning the bottom of the page set with the bottom of the base.  Then I was able to adhere the next Tyvek hinge over the base, and on top of corrugated card board.  I used a bone folder to crease each hinge tightly against each other.

In this photo, I added a second piece of Tyvek hinge over the previous one, using my bone folder to make a nice crease.

Here, you can see how I have left the top piece unattached.

Now, I aligned the top piece of smooth chipboard to the top of the set of pages and smoothed the Tyvek hinge over all pages to complete the process.

Here is a closer look at the depth of the pages and how it looks hinged together from the top.

I selected my papers and cut them to size for each page.  I placed them where I thought they would look nice.  This helps me when it comes time to glue them down.

Run your Graphic 45 papers through the Xyron Creative Station and cut each one to size for each of the corresponding chipboard pages.  You can run full sheets through, or each piece individually.  Just line them up and run them through.

Cover chipboard pages, including hinges, with coordinating pieces of the Graphic 45 papers.

Paint chipboard front, inside front, back, and handle with black gesso.  I placed a piece of washi tape along the top edge of the handle to keep my black painted line straight on both sides.

Edge pages with charcoal chalk ink.


Glue the thin chipboard strips to the ferrule (top) of the paintbrush.  This resembles the crimp made to hold it onto the handle.  Paint them with the black gesso, too.


Spread white crackle paste over both corrugated pages.  Let dry naturally for best crack results.

Spread the white crackle paste over both sides of the handle portion and let dry naturally.

Paint Teal Zircon and Vintage Mint Silks over the white crackle paste.  Don't blend too much but let the colors stand alone in places for variety and dimension.

Now comes the fun part, working with the chipboard embellishments.  

I painted all of them with black gesso to start.  The four fashionistas and the two lace border sticks were painted with chalk paints to match the colors in the papers.   

The filigree heart frame was painted with a mustard yellow and orange chalk paint combination, leaving a bit of the black to show through.

I chose two stamps from the set to make my title, and they fit inside the heart perfectly.  While I had them lined up properly, I stuck the acrylic stamp block down to attach them to it.

I stamped the words onto the paper with Versamark ink and a Melon colored embossing ink.  I aligned the heart opening over the words again and traced around the outside of the frame with a white pen, cutting it out and checking for fit.

I ran the cut out piece through my Xyron sticker maker first.  While the paper heart was still attached to the backing sheet, I glued the frame over the paper, then removed the backing sheet and adhered the whole thing at once.  This made it so easy to adhere to my book front.

Paint the hat with Vintage Mint Silks and the feather with Teal Zircon Silks.  I found this bit of chipboard on my desk from poking out the punch-outs from previous pieces, and low and behold, it worked perfectly for a hat band, which I painted with Teal Zircon and a wash of the Silver Spark.

The shoe was painted with Nutmeg Silks, leaving the black platform showing.  A wash of the Silver Spark decorates the embellishment on the toe of the shoe.

The lady was fussy cut from the paper and adhered with foam dots for dimension.

I fussy cut two of the images from the Graphic 45 paper and ran it through my Xyron sticker maker.

Again, leaving the paper on the backing sheet, I glued the two painted frames to each paper image.  The frame on the left was painted with the same mustard yellow and orange chalk paint, while I left the one on the right black.

Here,  you can see how easily these stick to the page.  


You can imagine how easy it was to apply adhesive to this intricate yardstick doily with the Xyron sticker maker.  On the right, you can see where it was applied on one of the pages.


Once again, the Xryon came in handy to adhere this corner of one of the card stock doilies.   The word "Timeless" was painted with black gesso, and I left it as is for this page.  I fussy cut the flowers from one of the papers and adhered it to the left side.  I used the Vintage Mint Silks to add a soft, shimmery color to the paper, and I darkened those black lines again by going over them with a black pen.

This fashionista was painted with orange and red chalk paint, adhered with half a card stock doily and pearls.  The corset was painted with light and dark turquoise chalk paint, tapping a slight amount of olive green chalk paint over the top.  A bit of detail was added with a white gel pen to the top and bottom scallops.  Copper metallic thread was used to "lace" up the corset.  The lace border stick was adhered to the bottom of this page, along with a string of gems and a fussy cut Couture ticket.

This fashionista was painted with the olive green chalk paint and adhered over a larger painted filigree frame.  The gloves, corset, and vintage shoe were left black.  A string of gems and a fussy cut label were also added.

This fashionista was painted with the orange and red chalk paints and adhered over a pice of fussy cut background paper, and a small card stock doily.  The corset was left black and a pink thread was used to "lace" it up.  The vintage shoe was covered with Nutmeg Silks, leaving the sole and heel black.  A few gems were added, along with the fussy cut Fabulous title.

Paint the solid heart from inside the filigree frame with mustard and orange chalk paint.  Adhere lady silhouette on top, along with some pearl gems.  The word Remember was left black and adhered alongside a fussy cut image of the two ladies from the Graphic 45 paper, and a Stylish label was cut and also adhered, as shown.

This fashionista was painted with the light and dark turquoise chalk paints and adhered over the other half of the card stock doily used above, along with pearl gems and a fussy cut stamp.  A peacock feather was painted black, then covered with Vintage Mint, Teal Zircon, and Emperor's Gold Silks, before a light coat of Crystal Stickles was added for that extra bit of sparkle.

On the back of the book, I wanted to keep my embellishments flat, so I first painted a larger peacock feather, also with black gesso, then with the same three Silks colors:  Vintage Mint, Teal Zircon, and Emperor's Gold.  A touch of Crystal Stickles was added over it and adhered to the bottom of the page, as shown.  

A few gems were adhered in the upper right corner, while the word "ALBUM" was cut from the paper and adhered to a darker print paper.  The die cut image of the Fashion Lady was adhered to the lower left with thin foam dots.

GSL Supplies used:

Paint Brush Vertical Mini Album
Filigree Frames Shape Set
Fashionistas: 1930s
Border Sticks:  Shell
Miniatures Shape Set: Ladies Choice
Peacock Feathers Shape Set

Other supplies:

Xyron Creative Station
Graphic 45 Couture collection and stamp sets
ColourArte Silks Acrylic Glazes (Teal Zircon, Vintage Mint, Nutmeg, Emperor's Gold)
DecoArt Lustre Silver Spark metallic cream
Chalk Paint:  Salmon, Mustard, Lt Turquoise, Dk Turquoise, Orange, Moss Green,
Tyvek envelope
Black gesso
White crackle paste
Charcoal chalk ink
Mango embossing powder
Versamark ink pad
Crystal Stickles
Gem stickers

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today and perhaps will be inspired to make one of these fun paintbrush albums for yourself.  It was such a clever idea and something you don't see often.  I had so much fun making and embellishing it for you.  Be sure to stop by the GSL website for more fabulous laser cuts to use in all your arts and crafts.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful, crafty weekend ahead!