Friday, June 10, 2016

Postal Shrine by Jessica

This week I'm bringing you a little bit of a how-to on making a tiny little shrine. Mine is postal themed because I love getting things in the mail, but you can make a shrine with anything.

I'm working with the mini house shadowbox 4 and the 4 panel windows.

I assembled the box using white, PVA glue.

I traced around the window I wanted to use on the outside...

And used a sharp box-cutter to cut out the right sized piece.

Sanded the edges of the cut-out with a nail file

Painted everything white

I used Graphic 45's Typography set for paper, and cut it to size.

All neat and tidy!

I used glue sticks to apply paper so that there's no lumps.

And then I filled it with postal goodies! I added some bobbins for the base.

Some Graphic 45 Typography stickers for window covering.

All pretty and wrapped up.

Don't forget to make the outside just as decorative!

Materials Used
4 Panel Windows
Mini House Shadowbox 4
Graphic 45 Typography set.

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