Friday, June 17, 2016

Alice in Wonderland ATC's by Jessica Armstrong

Today I'm bringing you a set of four Alice in Wonderland themed ATC's. In this months Design Team box I received some amazing Alice in Wonderland themed chipboard pieces. The first set, Chipboard Silhouettes features designs from John Tenniel's original work, of which I am a huuuuuge fan. The other set is coming soon and is miniature Alice in Wonderland themed bits and pieces.

For these ATC's, I grabbed a copy of Alice in Wonderland I got from a thrift store for a quarter (for the sole purpose of chopping apart - don't worry, my original hard cover copy will forever sit looking amazing on the shelf)

I grabbed the title page from just inside the cover for this first ATC with a Mad Hatter Silhouette and a tea cup piece.

"Goodbye feet!" says Alice, after the Eat Me/Drink Me scene in the book.

"The Queen of Hearts Who Made Some Tarts" with the white rabbit.

And finally, I had to include "Off with her head!", along with the Queens crown down in the bottom corner.

Mini Alice in Wonderland Pieces (coming soon!)

Scrapbook paper
An old copy of Alice in Wonderland

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