Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mini House Shadowbox 2: Time Machine

Hey everyone!  So glad you stopped by.  Today, I want to share my fourth and last Mini House Shadowbox in this series.   This shadowbox I will call my Time Machine.  I am enamored with clocks and time pieces, probably because I never seem to have enough time.  Now I have a complete set to display in my studio and inspire me.  

So let's get stared.  It is a good idea to lay your pieces out so you can see exactly how to glue them together.

Paint the box and all the chipboard pieces with Black Acrylic paint.  I may not use all of these pieces, but in any case, they will be ready for the next project.

Each piece was then painted with the  3D metallic paints.  I tried to mix up the color combinations so the gears would show up better in side the box.  (See photo of finished project above).

Cover the roof with graphite texture paste. 

Spread white crackle paint over the back and sides of the box; let dry.  

Sponge violet and orange shimmer mist over the crackle paint; let dry.

Sponge brown distress ink over the crackled area to tone down the colors for a more vintage feel.

Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to fit inside the box.  Tear away some of the covering to reveal the corrugations.

Paint the piece with black acrylic paint and spread a small amount of black molding paste in open spaces.

Mist cardboard with turquoise and white shimmer misters.

Paint a thin (approximately 1/8") wooden dowel black and snip into varying lengths.  Glue dowel pieces to back of gears that you want to raise; let dry.

Glue gears in place onto cardboard backing, layering them with the dowel pieces as needed to lift them up.  

Continue adding gears and watch parts until you like the result.  

Here are a few views from the sides, showing the dimension and how it was layered.

I also used watch parts for added interest.  Below is a watch part (right) that was layered on top of the chipboard gear with a brad.  Look at the photos above to see more of the tiny watch parts added.

When all these pieces were glued on and dry, you can pick up the entire backing piece and slip it inside the box.  I did not even have to glue it in because it was a snug fit.

Paint wings with black acrylic paint, then spray with white and turquoise shimmer mister on both sides; let dry.  Then spray with gold shimmer mist; let dry.  Sponge a bit more turquoise shimmer mist over wings to bring back more of the blue color.

Cut the wings apart and glue to the back side of the box, along with the skeleton clock face,  pocket watch, a metal clock face, and clock hands.  All pieces were layered with a brad placed through the middle and glued down over the wings.

The turn key was glued to the center of the clock, as shown.

I adhered the metallic sticker strips along the roof line on the back.  

A propeller was coated with a thick coating of the 3D metallic paint, leaving ridges for added texture, as shown.  A small piece of dowel was glued to the back.

More sticker strips were added along the edges and the roofline on the front.  Then the propeller was glued into the "V" section of the roof top, as shown.  Metal hex nuts were glued to the bottom for feet, and small watch parts were glued inside the hex nut opening.

And here are some closeups of various views and sections of the house.

And here are all four mini house shadowboxes in this series.  Each one has a different meaning for me, and will continue to inspire me in my day to day crafting.   To see my previous mini shadowbox posts, please click here, click here, and click here.  

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Supplies:

Mini House Shadowbox 2
Gears Borders & Corners (Special Order)
Gears Shape Set
Steampunk 2 Shape Set
Clock Hands Shape Set

Other Supplies:

Black acrylic paint
white gesso
black modeling paste
white crackle paint
shimmer misters: turquoise, orange, violet, white, gold
dimensional metallic paint: copper, gold, brass, silver
Border stickers
1/8" wooden dowel
Watch parts

I hope you have enjoyed my series of mini house shadowboxes from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, and that I perhaps have inspired you to make your very own inspirational "village" to help keep those juices flowing.   Thanks for following me along on this journey.  So what will you make of your shadowbox treasures? Make sure you check out Ginny's fabulous card up on the blog today as well!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love your steampunk house too - it's totally gorgeous! In fact, I love each one of your houses - they are all wonderful!

  2. Thank you for showing us these, I love these, I have put them on my list.. Yes I moved them to the top

  3. My jaw is on the floor! So much work for that little house! And to see all the houses together...priceless!!!

  4. My jaw is on the floor! So much work for that little house! And to see all the houses together...priceless!!!