Friday, March 18, 2016

Dice Shelf

Hey guys, Jess here! This week is our first game of Pathfinder with a new group, so I used this amazing shelf from GSLC to make a dice shelf to store and display my dice during the game.
 I've covered the shelf in this great fantasy map scrapbooking paper, just to add that extra Dungeons and Dragons edge.

 On the back I've painted the medium dragon from the Dragon Shape set and added some scales - you can never go wrong with adding a dragon.

 For the drawer pull I've painted one of the hinges from the hinge shape set gold and then affixed the hilt of one of those plastic swords you get when you order a Shirley Temple in restaurants.

 I reserve the top shelf for my D20, of course.

 And there's even a drawer to punish those dice that just refuse to roll higher than a 10.

And of course that same drawer can be used to store your dice until your next game.

GSLC Materials
Small Trinket Shelf Stand
Dragons Shape Set
Hinges Shape Set

Other Materials
Craft Smith Terra Nova Scrapbook Paper
Plastic Sword Hilt

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