Friday, March 25, 2016

Stage - Thor's Fishing Trip by Jessica

Hey crafty people! Today I'm bringing you a project based on the Norse legend of Thor going on a fishing trip where two whales are caught before they continue the quest to find Jormungand.

If you want to read up on this myth, here's a handy link: Thor's Fishing Trip

This stage was designed in the classic 1920's theater productions, where the water could be moved back and forth by stage hands to give the impression that the waves were actually moving.

Actors would be positioned behind flat stage props as they acted out the scene.

The set features a viking ship with a dragon or possibly serpent head, "moving" water, a whale against a night sky.

This was my first project using glitter and now I'm finding glitter all over the house!

What are you going to make for your stage?

Ocean Creatures Small

Dragons Shape Set

And a whole lot of glitter! <3

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