Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooky Sentiments and Tombstones by Dianna

Hi Everyone, Dianna here with Gina's Designs Spooky Stand Up Sentiment and Tombstone Stand Ups.  I made this project with Amy Loves' celebration of 500 Youtube Subs in mind.  I will be sending this to Amy as part of her giveaway.  Make sure you hop over and see

Amy's Youtube channel.

First I spray painted the sign black and cut the Spooky out of three different papers. I then embossed the purple with a splatter folder.  I then tore the different papers in various areas to give a more tattered look.  I then distressed the edges with black ink

I then painted the wrought iron set black and placed the large fence behind the Spooky.

I painted the skeletons white and used white and purple Stickles on all the skeletons.  I cut the arms and legs off the large skeleton, punched holes in all the pieces and used brads to reattach the limbs.  I used orange paint on the pumpkin and placed the pumpkin in the skeleton. I placed a green rosette with a black bat on the top of one of the fence spikes. The spiderweb was painted white and daubed with white Stickles.

I decided to paint four tombstones black and used black Stickles on three of them.  The fourth black tombstone I used grey Stickles over the black to create a streaked look.  I painted the last tombstones grey and distressed both with black ink.  Stickles was used on the angel tombstone and the center stone was papered with left over scrap paper.  


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