Monday, August 24, 2015

Over-thinking by Barb

I may be intelligent and I may be artistic. But having a nerdy side and an artistic side that are equally dominant makes for a rather crowded brain! I wouldn't have it any other way, but some days I wouldn't mind having an off switch just for a couple of minutes. It's easy to see where the inspiration for this strange little piece came from.

I began by coating Terri Sproul Presents: Woman's Head with gesso. Once the gesso was dry, I sponged on Distress Inks and spritzed on a little Fireworks spray. I stamped the numbers and letters using StazOn inks.

I colored in the lips with a water based marker and then coated them with Stickles.

Before I glued on the flower for the eye iris, I coated the rest of the eye using an irRESISTibles pico embellisher in white, and sketched in the eyelashes with a pico embellisher in black.
Then I had all kinds of fun with the "hair". I started with left over punch outs from my Tudor Rose project (which you can view here).  I always save the bits and pieces that are the waste of the main designs. Some of the shapes are really pretty cool and come in handy for stuff like this project. Other times I use them as spacers underneath things. Either way, don't toss 'em!

I coated the little curly-Qs with copper irRESISTibles. While I waited for them to dry, I colored a couple dozen skeleton leaves using StazOn inks and Delicata ink. I glued the leaves to the head and once those were on, went about gluing on the curly-Qs.

This piece might be a bit on the weird side of things, but I like it. It reminds me not to take things too seriously.

Gina's Designs Products Used

Other Products Used
StazOn Ink
Distress Ink
Fireworks spray
Numbers by 100 Proof Press
Letters by Tim Holtz

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  1. This is a fun and quirky piece, Barb. I love how we each interpret the same thing in different ways, and all are good!!! TFS