Monday, August 10, 2015

Magic In The Air by Barb Black

Summer is always a mixed bag for me. I can't stand hot temperatures, but I do love some of the pretty aspects of it. Like flowers blooming and winged things flitting about. So, in one of my more "Be Kind to Summer" moments, I was inspired to do the above piece.

I began with a 5 x 7 canvas that I covered in gesso. While still wet, I smooched a piece of iridescent punchinella (also known as sequin waste) into the paint -- the gesso acts as glue as it dries.

After the canvas was dry, I stamped on it with stamps from RubberMoon, using yellow and pink craft ink. I also smeared around some blue StazOn Studio Glaze and gave it a spritz or two of blue irRESISTibles.

I coated the butterfly circle and extra butterfly with blue irRESISTibles and, while still wet, sprinkled on blue glitter and gave them a spritz of white irRESISTibles.

When everything was completely dry, I glued it all together. Now I have a pretty little reminder that Summer, even with the obnoxious heat, is sometimes not so bad at all.

Gina's Designs Product Used

Scribble Frame Butterfly

Other Products Used

Rubber stamps by RubberMoon


StazOn Studio Glaze

ImagineCrafts irRESISTibles


Craft Ink


  1. Love this, and it is a nice reminder for us to enjoy the summer, and the lovely sunshine that comes with it.