Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Live, Laugh, Love by Guest Designer Barb Black

made an early appearance here in the Northwest and Mother Nature has been going
crazy slapping a fresh coat of color on everything. Between the extraordinarily
blue skies, cherry blossoms, forsythias, crocuses, daffodils, and tulips, it’s
as if an art supply store exploded on the world. I love it!

inspires me so much as nature’s colors and that’s exactly where the idea for
this piece came from. 

began by painting the dragonflies with yellow acrylic paint. While the paint
was still wet, I used it as glue and sprinkled it with yellow glitter. I also
painted “laugh” with the same yellow paint and splattered it with a little gold
ink to give it more depth.

the background I chose one of the tags from Gina’s Super X tag set. I didn't
have a really clear idea where I was going with it, so I played until it felt
right. That’s how most of my projects go, and it’s a fun way to work. No
limitations - yay! 

began by sponging blue, red, and pink paint onto the tag. Some of it naturally
blended into a nice purple shade. I wanted to lighten it up a little so when it
dried, I took a piece of sequin waste and sponged on white dots. The white dots
were too stark, so I washed over the tag with diluted pink acrylic paint. Then
I decided it needed more movement and I wanted to bring more blue back into it,
so I got out my stencil and sponged on the blue. A few flecks of light green
later and I was done!

there, all I had to do was to stamp “live” and “love” onto the tag with white
acrylic paint, and then glue on the other pieces I had made. Well, what’s
spring without some bling? So, I added on the pink rhinestone flowers. To
finish the piece off, I curled some pink wire that I had left over from another
project and tied it on with some fibers. Now I have a little bit of springtime
to hang in my house all year long!

next week - happy crafting!

Designs Products Used

Products Used

Up! Whimsical Alphabet

and rhinestone flowers

paint - various colors

Glitter - yellow


Girl Damask Stencil

and yarn



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