Sunday, September 25, 2022

Mini Fall decor: sign post with ticket chipboard

 Greetings! Sneha here with a new post for GSLCut. 

Today I have made a mini fall decor. A sign post using ticket chipboard from GSLCut store. 

I have used some basic supplies here to make these interesting mini decor. I am planning to use these as a table decor for October cake party usually held in our community.

I have used 'KEY' alphabets for sign boards as  Autumn holds the KEY to the magical winter...

I have used ticket strip chipboard and coffee stick to create these. I took 3 coffee sticks for each sign post.

Take the first coffee stick and cut it into two halves and second stick into four equal parts.


Adhere the one half stick to the third stick towards the top to make the arms  and 4 small pieces towards  the bottom to make the base of the standas shown in the picture.

 Now pierce two tiny holes on the arm of the post stand and on the chipboard.

Similarly make other two stands and color them Using acrylic colors. I have used buttermilk shade.

Now to decorate the sign post I have used some vine diecuts and colored them with fall colors.

I also added some glitters to these vine and to make these glitter stay for long I added clear glue and then sprinkled the glitter on the top.

Stick scrapbook cutouts on the chipboard and  sprinkle glitter on the edges of the sign boards.

Now glue the vine die cuts on the post stand.

Now using jump rings attach the sign boards with the post stand. Hook the jump via tiny holes in  both sign board and arm of the post stand. I have used 6 jump rings for each post stand.

Repeat the same for all of them.

Yo make the alphabets stand out I colored them with black marker.I then glued these stands on a white thermo board to make them stay standing  and decorated it. Here are the final pictures of these mini decor.

The products used from GSL cut: 

I hope you like this mini make and feel inspired to make one for yourself.

I hope to see you in next make till then ...Happy crafting.


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