Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The best chipboard for your covers II

  Hi everyone!

Myry again and today I'm going to continue show you how frames can be the best for your covers!
This time I'm going to create a glossy finish without Glossy Medium or Glossy Accents.
So I'll be using this beautiful frame and the first thing you have to do is paint it with acrylic paint (brown in my case). 
Once dry put a generous and thick layer of white glue with the brush. 
Immediately cover the glue with another generous layer of varnish, clear finish or crystal effect acrylic paint using a sponge. Paint gently but pressing just a little. 
And begin to dry with the heat tool. Keep a prudent distance so that the effect isn't spoiled due to bubbles. When you see that the "white" has hardened left to air dry all day. If you continue drying it the paint will crack getting another effect.
When it's completely dry you'll see a thick and shiny layer on top of the color that you used as the color base. Love it! Now you just need to stick it to the cover and that's it!
Dare to try!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Acrylic paint 
White glue 
Varnish or acrylic paint with crystal or clear effect
Brush, sponge and heat tool