Saturday, March 6, 2021

Mini Movie Prop Display Case

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have a silly project to share today. I love using the GSL Bookcase 1 to 12 to display things and have been on a bit of a Holy Grail quest lately with some of my projects. I got to thinking about how fun some of the props they used in the movie are and wanted to make a few in miniature and this little display came to life.

The bookcase is very simple to assemble with tacky glue. I used rubber bands to hold everything in place while the glue dried.

A few coats of brown acrylic paint came next. So quick to finish and now it needs some props.

I started with shields, which are made from GSL House Jewelry Piece bases which were painted white. Sir Galahad's shield got one of the GSL Gothic Cross Miniatures painted red and King Arthur's sun symbol was hand drawn. 

I made a few research books for the shelves from GSL Miniature Book Blanks (coming soon). These make the perfect sized book for a miniature project and are so simple to use. I painted the edges white to represent book pages. 

The only thing needed to finish it off is a printed cover.

I also included a reference book on sparrows. The holy hand grenade is a large pearl bead studded with crystals and topped with toothpick ends painted gold.

This shelf includes polymer clay coconut shells coated in jute threads for Patsy to use to make horse hoof sounds for Arthur's imaginary horse. I also included a can of Spam made from a dollhouse brick and a miniature shrubbery.

The shields are on the second shelf, along with a resin bunny representing the rabbit of Caerbannog, a polymer clay witch nose and a dagger from a Clue game.

The bottom shelf contains prop barnyard animals for the french to catapult over the castle wall.

The final touch is a sign made from a GSL Stackable Label. This was a fun project that opens up many possibilities for many more movie prop displays! 

 Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Bookcase 1 to 12

House Jewelry Pieces

Gothic Cross Miniatures

Stackable Labels Shape Set

Miniature Book Blanks (coming soon)

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

Acrylic paint

Printed images

Polymer clay

Tiny treasures







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