Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Claw


Happy Saturday, everyone! Today's project is just something a little goofy. I was noodling around thinking how fun it would be to make a miniature arcade and this project came to me. This is my version of a claw crane game and it was made from a GSL Punch and Judy Theater which is available over at Alpha Stamps.

Here are the pieces laid out. The theater has four walls with two smaller horizontal sections. 

 One of those smaller sections is the surface all the toys will sit on. I painted it white and then used painter's tape to mask off where I wanted the prize collection 'hole' to be and painted that black.

To wall off the toys from the collection hole, I cut wooden craft sticks to size, painted and glued them in place.

When choosing papers for this project, I went for the most colorful I had on hand. I used a bright rainbow paper from BoBunny's Lemonade Stand collection for the exterior of the piece. I glued the paper in place then cut the window sections out with an X-Acto knife.

The claw was made from four bent sections of black wire.

The wires were glued together with E6000. A small piece of shrink tubing holds everything in place.

The claw was securely glued to the ceiling using E6000 again. Those wooden blocks were just used to hold the claw upright while the glue dried. I had a black acrylic disk in my stash and added it to represent the claw mechanism. 

The paper for the back wall is Candy Shoppe from Reminisce. I sorted through my collection of tiny toys to fill the claw machine with and started gluing those in place.

To fill in the empty spots, I glued googly eyes onto colorful pom poms. Who wouldn't want to win a full sized version of these?

I cut the prize receptacle from black cardstock for the front of the machine. The windows were lined with clear vinyl. With everything in place, the piece was assembled with tacky glue.

The thumbtack joystick is glued to a section of balsa wood cut to size and painted teal.  
Now that I have my arcade started, it's time to think about adding video game consoles and maybe a skee ball machine!

Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Punch and Judy Theater

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

Acrylic Paint

Wooden craft sticks

Reminisce Candy Shoppe paper

BoBunny Lemonade Stand paper


Clear vinyl

Wire & shrink tubing

Pom Poms & googly eyes