Thursday, February 25, 2021

Gold Metallic Embellishments Three Ways

Hi Everyone!

For my next trick I thought I would make some metallic embellishments out of these chipboard pieces:


This post is called "Metallic Embellishments Three Ways" for a reason!  To make my metallic embellishments I thought I would show you three options on how to make them:
1.  Gold embossing powder
2.  Gold Leaf
3.  Gold metallic paint
I will go through each method one by one and then at the end compare them side by side for shininess. 

Gold Embossing Method

For this method, you will need a gold metallic embossing powder and embossing ink.

Tap each of the pieces directly onto the embossing ink pad.

Shake the embossing powder onto each of the pieces

Once they are all covered in powder, carefully pick them up using tweezers or similar tool, and use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder.

Gold Metallic Paint Method

For this method you will need a gold acrylic paint and some white gesso.

Give each of the pieces a coat of white gesso and set them aside to dry for a few minutes.  Work on one of the other methods meantime.

Give each piece two coats of gold acrylic paint drying in between layers.

Gold Leaf Method

For this method you will need some gold leaf (real or imitation), gold size fluid or you can also use any kind of glue that dries tacky.  Drying tacky is key as the gold leaf needs something to stick to.

Cover each piece with gold size (or tacky glue) and leave to dry tacky.

Carefully take a sheet of gold leaf and lay it on top of each piece and press down with fingers or with a dry brush.

Brush off the excess gold leaf and collect it for later use.

Work slowly and carefully and it will soon be free of the excess leaf, leaving your piece shiny and ready to use.


So we have three sets of embellishments with a gold metallic finish, but which one is shinier?

Three gold metallic words top to bottom - embossing, gold leaf, gold paint

Three gold metallic birdcages left to right - embossing, gold leaf, gold paint

Three gold metallic stars (x 2 designs) left to right - embossing, gold leaf, gold paint

All metallic embellishments for comparison

So there we are, three sets of gold metallic embellishments using three different methods.  These photos were taken at night but I think it is still clear which one is the most shiny - the gold leaf - but all three options have their benefits and uses, and they all have different costs to consider.  If you want super shiny, try gold leaf; if you want texture try heat embossing; and if you want simple and probably cheapest try gold acrylic paint.  If you don't like gold, try silver, copper or other metallic colours. There are endless options to add some metallic to your embellishments and into your projects!

I managed to take more photos in the daylight, what little there is right now, so here's another look at what was produced - embossed, gold leaf, metallic paint.

Which one is your favourite and why?

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Till next time, 

Empire of the Cat


Ornamental Birdcages Shape Set D69C
Chevron Words 
Deco Stars D88S

Method 1
Gold Rush embossing powder
Embossing ink

Method 2
Gold Leaf (real is pricey, imitation is cheaper)
Gold size (or glue that dries tacky)

Method 3
Sunset Gold metallic paint
White gesso


  1. Interesting comparison I like the gold leaf the best I think what was yours?

  2. The gold leaf is definitely my favourite due to shininess!