Wednesday, January 6, 2021

5 Tips for your scrapbooking works!

Hi everyone!
Myry again and today I'm going to give you some tips when you using chipboards in your scrapbooking compositions.
First tip: make two groups when you gonna choose what chipboards to use for your project: one with thematic chipboards (for example, baby theme's chipboards) and other with chipoards that you can use in any project no matter the theme). Fortunately Gypsy Soul Laser Cut can help you with that: they've a wide range of "neutral" chipboards! 
Second tip: divide the different types of "neutral" chipboard into smaller groups. I usually make 4 groups: nature, frames, borders and corners, and "potpourri" (that is everything else).
(if you want to see all these chipboards in detail -and many more- take a look here).
Third tip: You might think that some chipboards are just one piece, but you only need scissors to sort out that! For example, this is one of my favourites: Leafy Swirl, beautiful plant panel.
Now contemplate the power of the scissors! The most useful nonsense I learned last year!
Fourth tip: Maintenance! Clean the edges before doing anything else. If you are concerned about color gray, you can always use colors, even paint it a cream color to make it look like a common chipboard.
Fifth tip: It doesn't matter the "theme" of your work, it matters where you place your supplies!
A piece of branch can be very versatile!
Don't be afraid to use little chipboards. Corners can go well in almost any place!
And let's not forget the frames, they can get us out of any trouble!
I don't know why but butterflies look good in any project!
I encourage you to use your neutral chipboards in all your projects!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Cream acrylic paint