Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Mini vintage Matchbox

Hi everyone!
Myry again and this time I gonna show how to make an super mini intage box with the Matchbox Sized Faux Book Box
The first thing to do is assemble the box without the lid.
Glue the piece that was left behind. This will be the point of union with the lid.
And now I'm going to show you a way to cover the box that I encourage you not to repeat, believe me!
Glue the "back" of the box to the paper and the lid, leaving a few millimeters between them...
And start folding the paper around the box as if you're wrapping a gift.
Make a fold to cover the "stair"...
and cut the leftover paper as you glue in place.
The lid has rounded tips so flatten the paper to round the tips very carefully.
You can cover the entire outside of the box with a sheet piece of paper.
This was the most complicated idea I could come up with! It's easier to cut pieces of paper and glue them in place just like I did the inside.
To hide all imperfections use brown distress ink or paint, especially try to stain the edges.
To strengthen the union of the box and the lid I'll use a lace trim, both outside and inside.
And a piece of lace glued to the base will be what I use to close the box.
And now to decorate with the embellishments!
I made a small pocket with lace and a flower die-cut.
And so it looks finished. II'm going to use it to keep a mini junk journal, how cute!!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
1 sheet of 15x15cm scrapbook paper
Distress ink or acrylic paint
Glue, cutter and scissors
Embellishments like lace trim, small flowers, pearls...