Monday, September 17, 2018

Collector of Curiosities

Hi Everyone,
Jess here today with a little Halloween decor piece.
Here's how you can make your own. 
Cover the Miniature Clipboard with a vintage style paper.  Cover the entire piece of paper with a collage medium.  I like the finish it gives and how it takes the various inks and crayons.  Ink the edges and add some splats to look like coffee and possibly slime.  The slimy green is actually embossed so it's raised up a bit off the paper.  I did emboss the clip part of the clipboard, but decided not to use it in my final design. 
Emboss the edge of your Small Canning Jar.  I made a jar similar to this back in February.  If you'd like to check out the tutorial I have linked it here for you.  With this jar, I wanted it to look a bit grungy and murky.  Pounce mushroom alcohol ink onto the acetate and it will muddy up the "liquid" inside the jar.  A piece of cheesecloth stained with blood(kidding, it's alcohol ink) gets tied to the lid. 
Cut a piece of background paper to go behind your canning jar and add your images.  These guys were stamped and fussy cut.  Make sure you play with your placement before gluing anything down.  
You can see here at this point I was still playing with the idea of leaving it as a clipboard.  I also hadn't added the eyeballs.  It's always good to play with your composition before you glue!
 I decided that the jar on the clipboard wasn't enough and I wanted to beef up my project.  A small Tim Holtz framed panel was the answer.  Cover the panel with a piece of worn wallpaper and add Distress Oxides so the paper looks water damaged.   
On the frame, randomly paint on Distress Rock Candy Crackle Medium. Once it starts to crackle you can heat it up to speed up the drying process.  Paint the frame using Art Alchemy paint in Metallique Blackberry.  Once the metallic paint is dry use a thin layer of Distress Paint in Black Soot on the entire frame and wipe most of it away. You just want it to sink into the recesses.  In random areas add metallic waxes in opal colors.  This adds another layer of dimension, but doesn't add a ton of color.  The final step on the frame is to use a fine brush and Dina Wakley Gilt paint to go around the edges.  Perfection is not the goal here.  The frame is supposed to look funky and old.  
Glue the frame to the back. 
Add your clipboard to the frame and add a small quote to the top.
A little metal tag, sticker, and eyeball brad round out the finishing touches. 
I hope you enjoyed this little project.  It was fun to make! I can't wait to pull out all of Halloween decor now.

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