Friday, September 28, 2018

Sweet miniature with Alicia Barry

I love all things miniature. I was so happy to have a little girl so I could build tiny fairy gardens with her. This week I have created a little country cottage scene using the House ornament kit from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I have actually combined a whole bunch of pieces that are all designed to fit together, depending on how detailed you would like your scene to be.

I actually plan to make another one of these in a Christmas setting (to be honest, if I had the time, I would create a whole Christmas village).

The first part is the House ornament base. This a square base that is hollow should you wish to add wiring for some tiny lights (Something I will definitely do next time). I covered mine in white paint, then added some miniature grass which was leftover from a school project. We got this from a hobby store and is designed especially for miniatures.

Next I added House fences and the sweet little 3D tree. I used flower soft for the flowers and allowed them to sprinkle down onto the grass as if the breeze has just blown them down.

The main part of the project was the house of course. I started with a basic house ornament, then added the House ornament porch, the House ornament chimney and dormers, the House ornament window trims, and the tiny little shingles on the roof. (Don't worry, these come in strips, they do not need to be glued one at a time). Once assembled, I painted the whole thing with a white base, then sponged a little brown ink onto the roof. The rest I just left white with some flower soft on the window sills like tiny little flower boxes. The final touch was some mica flakes at the front door to look like a cobble walkway.

I feel like I could do so much more with this kit too. The roof panels under where the shingles are, has a couple of small holes that you can put string through to hang it up. The house has a trapdoor in the base in case you want to add that lighting I talked about, or even just a little tea light. Imagine a tiny little rope swing hanging from the tree. For next time, I need to figure out a teeny tiny mail box out the front. I think the front porch gives it a "churchy" feel, lending itself to an old country church scene...perhaps even for a wedding. The more I type, the more ideas I am getting. Ooh, imagine four all joined together in a square, with each one representing a different season. The possibilities really are so very many. How about a housewarming gift.

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