Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Trio of Tombstones

Hello fellow Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts fans!  I have a quick project to share today in the spirit of the Halloween decorating some of you will be doing soon.

I found a "stone effects" texture medium kit at the local Big Box Crafty Stuff store on a super sale, so I decided to give the kit a whirl.  I happen to have an assortment of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts tombstones on hand, and picked out three of the 6 that were of similar size.

I used white craft glue to attach the headstone to the base, then smoothed the glue with a cotton swab.

Once dry, I coated all surfaces with black gesso, then used a pallet knife to smear a different texture paste onto each tombstone.

Sadly, no smeary action shots!

I used Prima/Finnabair's Art Extravagance texture paste, but you can make your own your choice of colors and grit fineness with a water-based molding paste base (I use Golden).  Mix with an acrylic paint and add small bits to create the texture.

I'm not sure how I'll use these tombstones yet.  I think they're great for vignettes and would be cool with "RIP" and "Here Lies..." on them.  There are a lot of possibilities!

Oh hi!  Don't mind me.
Thanks for your visit today!  --Susan

Tombstone Stand-Ups #D148C

Other Supplies Used
White craft glue
Liquitex black gesso
Prima/Finnabair's Stone Effects texture paste
Pallet knife

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  1. Stop! This is so cute. (I mean spooky ; ) What a great idea for Halloween. Love this project.