Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My little garden

Hi every one, Heather here again today finishing the post that I started on Dec. 31st. 2017 It is strange how when you begin something you have an idea in your head as to what it will be, but when  you leave it and go back to finish it, sometimes you change your mind and decide on a different end product.
This is how I left my project on December31st., with a base,and things lying all over it,  and a fence around the sides and top
When I came back to the project, I looked at it and changed my mind about what to try and do so
I decided  to try and make my project look something like the garden that I would like to have, not the one I was trying to make look good.

 Instead of using the Ivy as a corner I decided it would look nice intertwined with the fence with small flowers from my stash all around too

The wheelbarrow I coloured with Creative Expressions gilding polish then used the "stems" of my small flowers and bulbs as twigs coming out of the top of the wheelbarrow. Every garden needs a wheelbarrow doesn't it?

I made up a small arrangement of flowers and buds that I already had and put those at the bottom of the tree which I had placed in the corner of my garden.

The gslcuts flowers went to make another flower border.
Then I made  up some flowers using dies to cut them and putting these along the top to make the last flower border finished my garden.

I nearly forgot the gslcuts bird which I sat on the fence amongst the ivy.

This is a very easy project to make so I hope you will have a go and do your own garden, and don't forget just because something is sold, maybe as  a corner, it doesn;t have to be used for that purpose, e.g. the Ivy corner I cut up and decorated the fence with, and the little bird was part of a frame but I cut it off and sat it on the fence.

Have fun crafting.......Heather.

GSL Items used:
Scribble frame bird
Picket Fence
Flower stackers.

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