Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm a bad girl...

Hi Everyone,
Jess here today.

Well, I didn't plan to do two reading themed items this month, but it happened.  I'm a huge reader.  It's not often that I am not in the middle of a book.  Any reader will tell you that they always need bookmarks.  Yes, I've used napkins, receipts, post it notes, and other random bits of paper to mark my pages.  I wanted to make a little something nice to actually mark my page.

I covered one of the Extra Large Chipboard Tags using vintage card catalog cards.  The edges were embossed just to add a little bit extra.
I painted my Medium Circle Border using Distress Paints and glued it on my tag.  
I added the vintage image and verbiage using foam tape.  Since the circles make the background uneven I used different layers of tape to make the image flush.  
Easy and now I can mark my book nicely! 


  1. I love this idea! Like you, I use everything under the sun to mark my page, wouldn’t it be nice to open your book to something so wonderful!

    1. Thank you Ann! You know readers will mark their page by whatever means necessary. I just hope you aren't a corner bender!

  2. great tag. i would display this in my studio proudly!!
    do you ever do videos?
    i love this!

    1. I haven't done videos. Mainly because I have a potty mouth and my poor husband would have to try to make me sound like a lady.