Friday, May 13, 2016

Detective Sam Slade: Private Eye (Room Box)

Private Eye Office
by Jessica Armstrong

This week I present to you the finale, the finished room box I've been working on all month. After all the aging, gluing, distressing, ripping and painting,

I've created a room set in the 1930's, during the Golden Detective Age. The same time as Maltese Falcon and similar stories. Only this detective (Sam Slade, a play on Sam Spade) isn't paid very well and isn't very tidy. In fact, it could be a crime scene. Spilled bottle, footprints, upset chair, etc.

Sam Slades office is presented to you hence:

The whole view of the office.

Close up of detective magazines and chair that's been tipped over.

Broad table view. Coffee mug, cigarettes, files, pen, etc.

A knocked over liquor bottle.
 Close up of coffee mug.
Cigarette butts in an ashtray. 
Lamp with pull string and magazines on top of a file cabinet.
Ink blotter made from scratch, along with a ballpoint pen I made. Some mug shots of "perps".
 Close up of detective magazine.
Open file cabinet with past cases.
 Individual files, all made by me.
And to finish, a top down view of the whole scene.

GSLC Products Used
4 Panel Door
Open Front Room Box

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