Sunday, May 22, 2016

Retro Inspired Display for Vintage Camper by Ginny

Hey there peeps! Well today I'm sharing a project with a bit of a story behind it. Last year our family purchased a retro camper. A 1966 Banner to be exact. I can tell you it's been a real family project and labor of love to bring it back to life and we've been able to take it out for mini vacations, which is so awesome to get out in nature with the peeps.  Our theme for the camper has been retro 50's diner. That's a theme right? So we have been adding crisp white paint....aqua accents and chrome and lots of vintage inspired décor items. I created this little display hutch to hold a collection of small ceramics.
 I super love the colors and retro patterned papers on the back of this hutch. I created the base with the fabulous Split Front Box.  Instead of assembling it to be a closable box...I secured the lid portion to the sides and treated it as a fixed unit.  I should note that I added a layer of thick chipboard to the back as well to help secure the sections.

Aqua and red are the colors and lightened  up with some crisp white.  I used regular acrylic paint which covered beautifully.   I've also included fun cork covered clips to secure postcards or smaller mementos.  The funky polka dot ribbon and birdie brads are a fun finishing touch.

This center box portion is nice and deep and I can add my new collection without worry that things will stick out and possibly get knocked over.
The first addition to the collection came as a surprise gifty from my very lovely and generous friend Linsey Rickett. I love them so much they inspired me search for more vintage themed memorabilia.
I couldn't ask for a better color match and this just makes me all kinds of happy!!!!
Here is our little camper. I'm not sure we would have jumped into this project had we known in advance how much work it would wind up being. LOL but now we have a great little home away from home to make family memories in.   I should mention that my dear Hubby has done soooooo much to reframe the inside and build in new bunks and storage to adapt this little camper to meet the needs of how our family likes to live. The outside was painted by the previous owner in multiple shades of taupe and brown house paint...what were they thinking????? So my big project last summer was to scrape and sand all the old stuff off and now we have a super bright and cheerful and very retro home on wheels. I can't wait to hang the new hutch inside!!!

Okay that was a long post for me huh???? Anyhoo..I'm wishing all of you a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G

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