Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just One Drop Mixed Media Canvas

Hello everyone!  Barbara here again with a really fun, easy mixed media canvas that, of course, uses the fabulous Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard products.  I am totally in love with them, and I know you will be too.

As I have said many times, I love quotes that make me think or inspire me.  This one really spoke to me.  I hope you feel the same, but of course, there are tons of quotes out there to use, so pick one you like, or that "speaks" to you, and make your own inspirational canvas.  This would also be a beautiful Mother's Day or birthday gift!


Step 1:  Paint an 8x10 canvas with white gesso, let dry.

Step 2:  Paint three chipboard pieces with white gesso, let dry.

Step 3:  Mix three acrylic colors on palette (Blue Green Light, Cerulean Blue, Titan Buff).  Paint color mixture onto top and sides of canvas. 

Step 4:  Paint chipboard frame with Titan Buff, let dry.

Step 5: Align frame over quote and trace around it with pencil.

Step 6:  Cut quote out around pencil lines, leaving about 3/8" margin for gluing behind chipboard.  Set aside.

Step 7:  Brush Clear Crackle Glaze over frame, leaving some areas uncovered.  Allow to dry thoroughly to develop cracks.

Step 8:  To enhance the crackle effect, apply Raw Umber Antiquing Cream over frame with your finger or an almost dry wet wipe.  Use the wipe to remove or add more or less antiquing cream until you like the effect. 

I think this looks like vintage ivory.  Set frame aside.

Step 9:  Draw petal lines with a pencil over the Yarrow flower head.

Step 10:  Mix Quin Violet and Titanium White to make this beautiful pink color.  Paint petals with the lighter mixture, then add details by adding more Quin Violet to the mix. 

Step 11:  Mix Green Gold and Phthalo Green-Yellow and paint stems with mixture.  Add shading with more Phthalo Green-Yellow.

Step 12:  Place a dab of glue in the flower center and sprinkle nut brown Flower Soft over glue.  Let dry thoroughly before brushing off excess Flower Soft.

Step 13:  Apply Raw Umber Antiquing Cream over stems for an aged look.  Continue adding or removing the color until you like the result.  Set aside.

Step 14:  Paint chibpoard word "Beautiful" from the Words and Phrases I set with Metallic Silver, let dry.

Step 15:  Apply Black Antiquing Cream over the word, wipe off excess for an aged, silver metal look.

Step 16:  Back to the canvas, edge the canvas with Black Antiquing Cream to give it a framed effect.  This tends to draw the eye into the center of the canvas.

Step 17:  Glue quote beneath the oval opening in the frame, erase any pencil lines showing.

Step 18:  Glue frame to center of canvas, as shown.

Step 19:  Glue remaining chipboard pieces to the canvas, as shown. 

Supplies Used:

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard:  Page Frame Art Deco; YarrowWords and Phrases I
8x10 Canvas
Acrylic paints
Book of quotes
Assorted Brushes
Baby/wet wipes
Flower Soft - Nut Brown

I hope you enjoyed my project today and have been inspired to give this a try.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek, and have a wonderful, creative week!!!


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