Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sea tag

 Hi everyone!

Myry again and today I gonna show you how to make this mix sea tag!
So I used these 3 chipboards but you can choose something else.
I used the tag as a template to make paper and cardstock tags: two for the base 1mm smaller, on with cardboard almost 1cm smaller than the previous ones and anotherone 1mm smaller.
I shaded the edges with brown paint. If possible, this paint should match the color of the cardstock.
First I sticked the bases...
...and the small paper on top of the small cardstock. I also sticked a piece of thin cardboard under the cardstock to give it volume.
And then I sticked it on top of the blue paper. I like this contrast between the two blues
I sticked the jellyfish on top of a paper, then I painted it with gesso and covered it with glitter
 I used two wax for the branches, really nice!
And now I'm going to make layers and layers with the fabrics, the flowers and with all the embellishments.
Fabrics and cardboard pieces are so important elements to get this effect.

And voilà!
Summer is coming and with it the wonderful marine chipboards of Gypsy!!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Scrapbook papers and cardstock
Embellishments like flowers, marine elements, glitter, pearls, old fabrics...
Gesso and acrylic paint 
Glue, scissors, penil and ruler
Brush, sponge and heat tool