Monday, November 9, 2020

When is a book nook not a book nook?

When I need more storage for junk journal things.


My junk journal collection of what-nots

is out of control.

Junk journal people can relate I'm sure.

It's bad enough keeping scraps

from card making, tags and pages.

But when you junk journal

every single little piece becomes a treasure.

So I decided to create more storage

using the

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

Book Nook Large (CU3B)

I'm giving it a 90 degree turn
so I can use it as an open topped box.

First thing I do is retro-fit the pieces together
without gluing
so I know what goes where.

There are 5 pieces total as follows:

a bottom piece that has notches and on all 4 sides

2 large side pieces with notches on 3 sides only
(the top of each piece is flat)

2 side pieces that are notched on 3 sides only
(the top of each piece is flat)

Cut the papers for the inside of the box first.
It's easier to decorate the inside
before the box is put together.

Did you notice my Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts glue holder in the background?

I almost always make the smallest cut first
then the larger cut.
It seems to save paper.

Glue the 2 pieces (cut above) to the
2 largest pieces of chipboard
making sure to not cover any of the
notches or slots.
The paper will come all the way up to the
flat top of each piece.
Use wet glue to adhere the paper.

Next, cover the 2 sides.
Cut 2 pieces each measuring
3-3/4" W x 6-3/8" T

Once cut, add those pieces 
to the two side chipboard pieces,
again using wet glue
not putting paper over the notches or slots.

It's time to put the container together.

It's handy to use either a large rubber band
painters tape
once the pieces are glued together.
Since you're building a dimensional box
you'll want to make sure everything stays together
until the glue is thoroughly dry.

I use wet glue to put the chipboard pieces together.

Make sure to place all pieces at 90 degree angles
to create a box.

Place glue (see photo above)
at all the notches & slots that will touch each other.
Insert the notches into the slots
and tape into place with painters tape 
until the glue is dry.

Repeat these steps all around
until you have a 4 sided box.
The last step should be to put the bottom in place.

I leave the tape on until I'm sure
everything is thoroughly dry.

In the meantime, you can cut paper
for the outside decorations.

You will need 2 pieces that are

6.5" T x 10" W.

and 2 pieces that are

5" W X 6.5" T

and 1 piece for the bottom that is

4" x 10"

Using  your scoreboard,
put the 5" W paper up against the top of your scoreboard
and score at 1/2" and at 4.5".
These side pieces will wrap around the
front & back corners.

Here's my project so far:

I'm using beautiful papers from My Mind's Eye.

Gift Idea 💡
Why not try this same project with your favorite
Christmas papers
and give as a gift to hold Christmas cards?

I'm considering the photo above
to be the front of the box.
The top is a bit plain so I'm adding an

It's so intricate and beautiful!
I'm leaving it in the *housing* it comes in
and painting it with
Tim Holtz Speckled Egg Distress Paint.

Once the paint is dry, 
you'll see two places where the top of the border
is connected to the chipboard *housing*.
Carefully cut through that connecting piece.
Do not attempt to tear
as the border will probably tear as well.

I use wet glue with a precision tip
to apply the glue to the border.

The corners can be added but . . . 
I'm saving them for a junk journal.

Here are the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
used on this project:

Thanks for reading through this blog post.
See you in a couple of weeks.

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