Monday, November 23, 2020

Three Easy Pieces

That's all it takes to construct one of 

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Wallet Style Folio.

Once you receive your chipboard kit

you'll see that each piece is pre-scored.

Fold the score lines as shown in the photos below.

The long piece is the center piece with a side pocket on the far left. Both sides fold in towards the center.

The top piece folds down and the bottom piece folds up & has a side pocket. But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit.

First, please notice that both the top and bottom pieces have 1/2" seam. Take the top piece and apply glue to the 1/2" seam and glue that seam to the outside center portion of the book (the middle piece shown in the first photo above). BIG TIP: Do not glue over score marks.

Repeat this step with the bottom piece, applying glue to the 1/2" seam and then gluing the seam to the bottom outside center section.

Your book should look like this:

Notice that you can still see all the score marks on the two pieces just attached. If you can't see the score marks the folio won't close. Note: Those wings on the left center and bottom will be pockets after we wallpaper the main pages.

I've decided to decorate this folio with Tim Holtz Christmas paper. IDEA: It would be great as a gift with kids' photos in it to give to a Grandma or an Aunt. Or maybe my daughter-in-law with her fur babies! (shhhh )

Here's a walk through of the entire folio:

or visit my You Tube Channel:  

Here's a list of what I used on this project:

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Wallet Style Folio
(coming soon)

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Writing Stencil
(coming soon)

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