Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hogsmeade Inspired Book Nook

Happy Saturday, everyone! Connie here with my interpretation of a beloved spot from the Harry Potter universe in the form of a book nook. Lots of Gypsy Soul Laser Cut pieces were used in this project, including the new GSL Book Nook Box Extra Large. Let me take you through how it was made.
Let's start with the left side wall, which houses the Three Broomsticks Tavern and Inn as well as a cute little shop of my own invention called The Owlery. All of the interior walls are papered with Recollections Brick Wall scrapbook paper. The door to the tavern is made from a GSL Rustic Door 1 to 24 which was painted with acrylic paint and given a thumbtack door knob. The vine of GSL Laser Cut Miniature Ivy next to the door is available over at Alpha Stamps.
The Owlery door is made from one of the GSL Ornamental Birdcages Shape Set with a few of the bits trimmed off before painting in order to make it more door-shaped. I found an owl image that fit perfectly in the center opening.
The door was backed with a wood grained paper and I added a little sign.
The inn sign was made from a GSL Mini Crest Sign. It comes with a key to hang it from that I set aside to use in another project. The broomsticks were made from burlap strings wrapped around a painted skewer.
Each window was made from a GSL Mini House Shadowbox 2, GSL Window Four Panel Square and GSL Square Shingles Half Scale. The window pane is a bit of parchment glued behind the the painted window frame. I painted the shingles dark blue, cut them into sections, glued them to the roof of the shadowbox then trimmed them to fit once the glue was dry.
The floral accent bit is molded paper clay.
The back wall houses my favorite Hogsmeade shop – Honeydukes! The shop display is made from GSL Rectangular Bay Window Half Scale, available over at Alpha Stamps. What I love about the Extra Large Book Nook is this bay window fits just perfectly inside.
The bay window assembles easily with a bit of tacky glue.
I had fun filling the window with giant polymer clay lollipops, jarred candy made from layering microbeads, poly clay molded owls and my favorite, a display box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans made from polymer clay.
Here's a closeup of the right side wall, which houses Madame Puddifoot's tea shop. The window above the shop's pink door houses a tiny bird's nest. 
The door is made from a GSL 4 Panel Door 1 to 24. Here are all of the sections laid out prior to assembly. The door casing was painted white, the door itself a pale pink. I used an upholstery nail head for the doorknob. 
Here's the beautiful tea shop window made from a GSL Ornate Double Window and painted in the same white/pale pink combo as the door. I glued the window on popsicle sticks to give it a three dimensional element. 
I also wanted the upper window to have a three dimensional element so built it from a GSL Simple House Ornament and tongue depressors cut to fit it's circumference and glued in place.
Once the glue dried, I used a GSL Small Cobblestone stencil and texture paste to give a stone facade to the window. I used this same technique on the tavern's windows. Once the paste was dried, the stones were painted and the roof was shingled. I used a GSL Gothic Window Overlay over parchment for the actual window.
A bird's nest was made by gluing spiraled burlap threads. I added a few tiny feathers and some poly clay eggs to finish the look. 
The street was made from a full size GSL Cobblestone stencil and more texture paste. It was important to figure out the entire layout of this project before starting it. I knew where to mask off spots for the Honeydukes window and Madame Puddifoot's wooden steps before texturing the street. 
In this photo you can see I added windows above Honeydukes. I used GSL Windows with Shutters 1 to 24. I set the shutters aside for a future project.
Something pretty exciting for me was the addition of LED lights. I used a chip light kit that was extremely easy to assemble and I love the outcome!
An action shot.
 Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
LED chip light kit
Recollections Brick Wall paper
Wood grain paper
Printed images
Polymer clay
Miniature glass bottles
Upholstery nail
Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors
Texture paste


  1. This is so awesome Connie! I can't wait to try my hand at one of these :) Elle xx

    1. Thanks so much, Elle! The hardest part is figuring out what fabulous scene to put inside. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Stunning this is amazing. I love all your techniques thanks for being amazing