Thursday, April 4, 2019

Junque Journal Embellies . . .

I am totally in love with Junque Journals. Although it's a stretch for me to be free in my art, I'm trying to embrace the Junque Journal anything goes creating.

You might remember this piece from an earlier post:

I decided to use this on the cover of my first junque journal. After putting the booklet together, I added Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts to the inside pages and will use them as tuck behinds.

I love this detailed typewriter (coming soon). It's etched so no need to paint, ink, etc. You can find more of the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Typewriters here: Typewriters

One of my favorite items to use are these Fern Fronds. They're light looking and will bend in any direction. For these I painted them (actually pounced paint on) using two colors of green acrylic. Then added a layer of Goosebumps spray.

These Chip Clips are easy to alter and come in handy for any ephemera you want to capture. This one was painted with
  1. bronze acrylic paint around the outside
  2. Prima Moss Rust Effect paint on the key and lock
  3. Seth Apter's Baked Texture: Chunky Rust

It's a work in progress for me.
Hope you follow my journey with junque journals!

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I used the following GSLCuts items in this project:

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