Wednesday, December 5, 2018

holiday sleigh table favors

Hi everyone, I have been very busy getting ready for the upcoming holiday. Today I have a simple tutorial for making this awesome sleigh ornament from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I love the size of this piece, and if you prefer to create it in a larger size, it also is available here. The larger version would be so much fun as a centerpiece for the children's holiday table, or even displayed on a shelf as a piece of holiday decor.
This sleigh ornament is a versatile three dimensional piece. As the title suggests, it is intended to be used as an ornament, but I thought these would make such fun place setting or small gifts at the holiday dinner table, they are the perfect size to fill with seasonal candies or after dinner mints.
The sleigh ornament arrives flat in seven pieces. Carefully remove the pieces from the background, using a sharp blade where the connections remain. The piece is easy to assemble by inserting the tabs into the slots. I always like to do a test assembly so that I understand the areas that will be exposed as well as the areas that will be concealed beneath trim pieces. It also allows me to visualize and generate ideas for the finished piece.
Our holiday table is set in the traditional manner and gives off a sense of formality, that is played down with the centerpiece. I want the sleighs that will be placed at each setting to reflect this. I decide to paint the exterior of the sleigh a deep rich red and then cover the interior with a traditional holiday plaid paper. The ornate decorations on the sleigh will be finished in gold.
The first step involves coating the main sleigh pieces with two coats of acrylic paint. Be sure that the paint is kept to a minimum at the tabbed locations. Set this aside to dry.
While the main pieces are drying, I coat one side of each of the ornate trim pieces with gilding. Be sure that when you are applying the gold finish that you are doing opposite sides on the two pieces. I try to keep the side that will be adhered to the sleigh base unaltered so that the adhesive will attach easily. I flip the main sleigh side pieces over and coat the interior of the runners as well as any exposed and decorative edges with the gilding. This will ensure that when the sleigh is assembled, all areas that can be seen will be finished.
Using the main sleigh side pieces as a guide, I trace the shape onto the plaid paper. Be sure to use the inside edges of the tabbed holes as your guide so that the paper covering will not prevent the tabs from inserting into the holes. Cut out the paper shape with a pair of sharp scissors. Also cut a strip of plaid paper the interior width of the sleigh. Measure and crease the paper so that it fits snugly into the base of the sleigh and up the back of the interior compartment.
Next it is time to assemble the sleigh. Using a clear, quick dry glue I add a thin line of glue between the tabs and insert the base pieces into one side. Next I attach the front panel and the back piece of the compartment into that same side. Push all the tabs securely into their respective slots and allow to set up for a few minutes. Run a thin line of glue along the unattached sides of the pieces and then align the tabs with the holes in the opposite side. Gently push the tabs into their respective holes and allow to dry completely. Adhere the cut papers to the interior compartment of the sleigh. Turn the sleigh onto its side. Apply a thin line of glue to the unfinished side of the decorative trim piece and align with the edge of the sleigh side. Clamp into place until dry. Remove clamps, flip the sleigh over and repeat this process.
The sleigh is ready to be filled with goodies and set at each plate. I am looking forward to using these   for our holiday dinner, but can also see this as a great hostess gift with a fir sapling placed in the compartment of even as a small gift for a friend filled with peppermint puffs, and the ornament string attached ready to hang once the treat is finished.
I hope that you are able to spend some time being creative this holiday season, whether it's in the kitchen or the craft room, it makes it special when you make it yourself.
Thanks so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

supplies used:
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts sleigh ornament
Liquitex acrylic paint: alizarin crimson hue permanent
Marvey oil based paint pen: Deco Color Premium Gold
The Paper Studio: Plaid Tidings paper
Scotch 3M quick dry adhesive
Sickles: Xmas red

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