Sunday, June 19, 2022

Wish by Rachel Harries


this weeks post has a peek-a-boo "Wish" which come as part of the lovely Fairy Scribble Frame I start off by taking a piece of card and making it into a tube I make a small fold along one edge and snip all the way along to make sure it will keep a nice curve, I did this to give myself a little edge to adhere things to.

I then take all the pieces which include the Fairy Scribble Frame Fern FrondsWildflowersButterflies and Dragonflies and give them a coat of gesso

I then gave everything a coat of paint 
and then added some wax
I popped some green glitter inside the tube and adhered the "Wish" in the tunnel and set it to one side to dry.

I added some details to my fairy with watercolour and pencil
I then put everything together and there it is !

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