Sunday, May 1, 2022

A Quiet Spot by Rachel Harries


Theres an added bonus with this weeks blog post, if you like it and want a little more detail I will be doing this as a live stream which will remain available for anyone who wants to catch up.
I start off the project by putting together the pieces for the miniature green house and stand, the round table and chairs 1:24 and the tiny bird box and give them a coat of white gesso.
I used a small piece of calico to form the hinge for the roof, I then drew and scored lines across the roof to create some roof like texture.
I then took some time and painted Cherry Blossom Branch and Fern Fronds
then set to work adding some rusty paint effects, some antiquing gel and some wax to the main structure \.

I added a little mineral powder to the floor of the greenhouse
I added the cherry blossom and some ferns as well as the bird box.
I added a little piece of muslin to be a table cloth and i made a mini book from some faux leather and an old book page as well as a mini red velvet cushion for the chair.
I added a string of lights for a little illumination and a ladder made with cocktail sticks and twine 


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