Friday, February 24, 2017

The Library of Mister Bartholomew Pendragon

Goodmorrow crafters, Jess here for the final installment of my miniature piece this month! If you'll recall, earlier this months post, I thought it would turn out to be a set, but I loved how it was turning out so much, I just had to glue the bits and bobs into place. It has become "The Library of Mister Bartholomew Pendragon". Let me give you the walk through:

The full Deep Open Front Box, containing the miniature scene.

Stacks of research Mister Bartholomew Pendragon has accumulated on various fantasy creatures.

Specifically, the "Pixie" stack of papers.

Mister Bartholomew Pendragon himself, framed atop his chair.

Scrolls hidden amongst the books.

The stairs leading up to the aging door. He's out exploring and finding new species of creatures he just can't be bothered to repaint the door.

His collection of exotic bats in shadow boxes.

He hopes to one day have a large stack of research on Dragons, as well. For now, this is all he's accumulated.

He's got a special interest in Nymphs. Some say, his wife was once a Nymph in the forests of Hanover, but this is just whispers amongst other explorers.

Ancient scrolls on learning to speak with various faerie species.

The pride of his collection will always be his books.

A closer view of the door.

Candles lead the way of the stairs. Worries of fire hazards tend to not bother him.

Thanks for joining me for this months miniature making - check back next month for more miniatures!

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